Eagle Projects International (EPI) is headquartered right in our backyard (Sangerville, ME), founded by Dr. Philip Eyster.  EPI deliberately goes to areas where other ministries typically don’t go. “We are devoted to bringing Christ into the areas that are most difficult to reach.  For almost 30 years, through trial and error, we have honed our methodology to avoid common mistakes and achieve lasting results.”

Contact EPI:




PO Box 100

Dover-Foxcroft, ME  04426

In January 2018, EPI was in Northern Kenya graduating 33 people from their Frontline Theology Program.  Students attended 60 theological sessions over a 3-year period in native languages, passed exams on basic theological questions, and signed commitments to transfer the material to at least 5 other people (many will do more than that). In one year, there should be at least 165 believers who know solid Christian theology.