P and C are the security names for the missionaries we have contact with in Egypt. They work with our selected people group, the “Beans”. Missionaries, like journalists and others whom the government opposes, must keep a very low profile if they are to stay in the country.  Both work at a health center and P teaches English.

​Here is some news and prayer requests from their last newsletter:

  1. They are pregnant !!! and her due date is in June.
  2. God blessed them with $1,000 this month for the apartment’s expenses. Please pray for the rest, $7,000.
  3. Pray for CH’s family as they go through very hard times.
  4. P started to share from the book of Proverbs in English Class. They helped a sheikh, one of their HEP C people and a girl from the class to download the Good News app. Both started to read it. P and C visited them after that, and they had many questions. Praise God for technology!!


Showing the Love of Jesus through a Hep C Clinic 

P & C are the missionaries Abbot E-Free Church financially supports in Egypt. They interact with our adopted people group, the Beans, at different levels – sometimes at the Hep C clinic where they volunteer. For many years evangelical missionaries have found that sharing the love of Jesus by administering “a loving touch” is a proven way to win souls to Christ and plant churches.

According to the World Health Organization: “Just about every family in Egypt is touched by Hepatitis C. The blood borne virus, which is highly infectious, kills an estimated 40,000 Egyptians each year and at least 1 in 10 of the population aged 15 to 59 is infected. Egypt’s Hepatitis C epidemic dates back decades when glass syringes used during a mass vaccination campaign were not properly sterilized between uses.  Hepatitis C symptoms can take a long time to show. Most people do not know they are infected, as they often do not have symptoms until they develop serious liver disease. Egypt has reached an agreement to access new oral Hepatitis C treatments that promise higher cure rates at significantly reduced cost.”