First Step Pregnancy Resource Center – Bangor

First Step has been serving men and women in the greater Bangor area for 30 years. They started as a place for young women to come and find out if they were pregnant. Over the years, their services have grown to include parenting education, limited ultrasounds and after abortion support.  

Every woman has a different story and a different need in expected and unexpected pregnancies. First Step’s goal is to provide accurate information, so women can make informed decisions. They are committed to treating each client with compassion and respect.

First Step exists to empower women to make informed decisions regarding an unexpected pregnancy. Their staff and volunteers are able to meet the needs of each client by providing information, encouragement and practical help in a safe environment. ​


336 Mt Hope Ave #8

Bangor, ME 04401

T: 207-942-1611

F: 207-942-1618

AIIA Institute

AIIA Institute is nestled in Monson, ME and serves as a resource and study center for apologetics. Apologetics is for those asking sincere questions about matters of faith.  But it can also help reinforce the faith of those who are already committed Christians. Apologetics also often serves to guard the church against false doctrine and spiritual deception.

 AIIA invites you to visit their website and examine lots of contemporary evidence for historic Christian truth in this third millennium. They specialize in Christian apologetics for New England and beyond, providing a strategic response at a time when folks are often more divided by ideology than geography.

Visit AIIA Institute

2 Wilkins St

PO Box 262

Monson, Maine 04464

T: 207.997.3644